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The Important To Pronunciation And Accent Reduction

September 24, 2013

These are the words of the famous German Philosopher Frederik Nietzsche, and as a specialist in pronunciation and Accent Reduction for non-native English speakers, I can attest to this regarding the English language. English is usually a musical language, as is Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and a lot of other languages. The trick to speaking English with clarity and impact, is understanding the melody and rhythm that is certainly specific to English, but differs in other languages. Hence, with no the music in the English language, pronunciation is a mistake.
If English had been a two-man band, it would be produced up of a drum plus a saxophone. Firstly, English is a swinging language, far more like a jazz or rock group than a classical orchestra. English sounds are massive, loud, and emphatic, and our melody is bold and dance-worthy.
I hear complaints from my students time and time once again that they are often asked to repeat themselves, and in some cases once they do, the listener nonetheless has difficulty understanding. Exactly where does this come from? You will find 3 significant elements that make up an accent: Sounds (consonants and vowels), Rhythm (stressed and unstressed words), and Intonation (the rise and fall of pitch inside a sentence).
Let’s take as an example, a native Russian speaker. When my former student, Raisa, stated the word “coffee”, she pronounced it “Kofi” having a speedy “O” sound as inside the word “Coke”. You can find two issues that retain the listener from processing the word that she is wanting to say. The very first is the length on the vowel; in English we have stressed vowels that hold like a half note, as an alternative to a quarter note, one example is. The second dilemma could be the articulation with the vowel. Russians tend to possess a tight jaw when speaking, which inhibits correct pronunciation with the English open-vowel sounds like inside the words “coffee,” “politics,” and “options”. Within a contemporary pop song, a lot of the emotion comes in the singing of vowels. Feel of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, who’re recognized for stretching their notes. Precisely the same goes in English. We make effect and emotion in our vowel sounds. So not simply is it important for the sake of proper articulation, but it can also be a leveraging point for highly effective speakers.
Inside the case of Rhythm, I’ll use, Luc, a former French student as an instance. Most of his presentations and conversations sounded deadpan and unclear. In the French language, every single syllable and word within a sentence really should get equal emphasis. Conversely, in English, we not merely strain particular syllables, but we strain certain words. Usually, we stress nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and query words (content words), and we de-emphasize articles, prepositions, auxiliary verbs, and “to be” verbs (structure words). This enables certain words to jump out in the listener, avoiding a stream of words that become jumbled together. So, using the implementation of rhythm, Luc went from a crowd sleeper to a crowd pleaser.
Last, but not least, we have the component of Intonation. Intonation could be the overall melody of a song or maybe a sentence. It allows the listener to establish the mood as well as the intention from the sentence. For example, Sylvia was an Italian student of mine, who regularly left a increasing intonation in the finish of her sentences. This created Sylvia appear unsure of herself mainly because her statements have been delivered as concerns. Sylvia’s largest challenge was overcoming functioning inside a male-dominated, English speaking market. As a result, assisting her control her intonation patterns was a very first step in generating a better clarity in addition to a additional optimistic perception in the workplace. This really is just one instance of how intonation can affect the delivery of a speech. As in music, the a lot more dramatic the change from higher to low pitch, the a lot more intense the delivery of a believed becomes. This could be used not just for clarity, but additionally for persuasiveness and emphasis. Intonation sets the tone, so it can be incredibly significant for a non-native English speaker to know the intonation patterns in the English language.
So, when you are a non-native English speaking person and also you are tired of asking you to repeat oneself, you may usually crank up the stereo and sing your heart out to your favourite American artists, or if you are worried about what your neighbors will assume, take some accent reduction classes with an professional!If you like celine please Visit our celine online shop! Happy shopping!


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